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Finally a place of my own, a place to call home. One where i can express myself freely without the jarring gaze of an uninterested reader, like on any other social media. Eye am beginning this blog in order to express myself to the fullest with no restraints. In order to get my message across to those that are actually interested in the field of bio energetics and my own personal discoveries with hands on experience bio electromagnetic stimulation therapy/molecular communication. As well as putting out my discoveries in a more structured organized manner.





A Shot At Redemption

I had the honor to work with a returning patient. Who prior to this procedure exhibited no observable stimuli. During the first procedure their primary complaint was physical discomfort. This time around they we’re concerned with a potential entity attachment. It’s important to note that before hand. They briefly mentioned that they had already begun to do self treatments. And received some energetic assistance from others.

As per usual we propagated waves in the heart. The biofeedback came back negative for the sensitivity gage. So we primed the chakras and began isolating cranium. While isolating the cranium we upgraded its acoustic resonance. This upgrade increased their electromagnetic conductivity. Manifesting as subtle shifting from their head. 

After observing their increase of electromagnetic conductivity. Which manifested via physiological response. I then moved back into the chakras. Specifically the solar plexus chakra. After isolating the solar plexus we then targeted any emotions that this patient might be hiding from themselves. Which manifested as a consistent twitch coming from the right hand/arm. As well as several minute tremors through the body. 

Appearing to have her code cracked. We swiftly isolated their CNS AND PNS. While stimulating the brain stem and nerves through the body. We targeted the cerebellum upgrading the mitochondria in the glial cells. This upgrade physiologically manifested in multiple stimuli in the arms, thoracic cavity and for the first time reached the legs. Showing us the progress of their electromagnetic conductivity increasing. As well as a severe disconnect that was stemming from the lower portion of the body.

Once we identified this disconnect from the lower portion of their body. Which is quite usual I might add. We began to really focus on grounding these high oscillating frequencies through their feet. Once this process was achieved it manifested as a jolt like stimuli. Beginning at the head and traveling in a downward wave like motion out the patients feet. 

This newly established connection gave us further connectivity and even more accurate biofeedback. (Imagine a toroidal field that is operating correctly.) Once fully connected we isolated the skin, fat and muscle cells. And began to manually process metabolic waste and other toxins stored within those cellular matrices. This release of toxins created more space for an electrically excitable environment on a cellular level.

Once we decreased the amount of toxic build up and increased the cells permeability. We isolated the electrically excitable ions. Manifesting in an even more consistent stimuli, an increase in cellular voltage and gave us the ability to go even deeper. Working with exploring dormant parts of the brain and harmonically entraining them. We even got to work with eliminating a minor shadow entity infection. 

In conclusion we were able to meet all requirements of increasing electromagnetic conductivity, electrical excitability, cellular permeability, cellular voltage, accurate biofeedback and bringing an individual closer to themselves one soul at a time..

Higherself assistance

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The Human Body Intelligence 

Had the honor to work on a colleague the other day. Was definitely excited to work on an individual that exhibits a similar archetype to my own. Most of the concern was a martial arts injury from a couple years back. The injury primarily affected the right ribs. 

So we began in the heart as per usual. We use he heart as a gage for observable stimuli which came back negative.(although the patient reported that they were experiencing many unobservable stimuli.) So I began to work upgrading all the substructures of the brainstem. In order to further increase their electromagnetic conductivity. We worked with clearing up general disruptive emotions then moving to the endocrine system. When we isolated the pituitary gland. I had this knowing that it was experiencing a degree of chemical mis communication. Then, while imprinting the pituitary gland with a harmonically tuned crystalline pattern. The first observable stimuli was recorded. Manifesting as the right pointer finger twitching. Showing that a shift had occurred with their electrochemical signaling. As well as an increase in their electromagnetic conductivity. Bring them to the energetic accretion level 3.

Through out the session the accretion level began to wane. Resulting in the patients base stimuli manifesting in disrupted breathing patterns, consistent swallowing and eye fluttering. It wasn’t until we began to work with channels in the hands and arms that lead to the heart chakra. From the heart chakra the energy leaves the body from the hands. 

So, we cleared, reimprinted and expanded those channels. This was met with the patient reaching an energetic accretion level of 4. We continued to nurture and take our time working with the patients system of bio frequency transmission. Then suddenly their body revealed tension coming from the right side of their face. Manifesting in a twitching like stimuli from the cheek. More specifically what appeared to me as the buccinator muscle. 

Once this core tension pattern stored in the face was identified via the intelligence of his own body. We were able to crack his code reaching an accretion level 5. Where his bio computer was sent into an over ridden state. Giving us more access to their disruptive wavelengths stored in the body. We then isolated the ions responsible for electrical excitability. As well as other electromagnetic conductive structures. Further increasing his electromagnetic sensitivity and ability to properly assimilate the disruptive wavelengths. 

In conclusion we were able to crack his code. Bypassing his bio computers main frame. Giving us more access to transmute and recode core disruptive programming. As well as increasing their electromagnetic conductivity. Through identifying primary tension patterns and systemically creating an electrically excitable environment inside the patient.

Documented Film
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Electrical Dysfunction And Grand Mal Seizures

Had a patient visit us who had been following my work for a couple years. Her focus was to amplify a detox she was getting prepared to do. She also briefly mentioned that she had grand mal seizures from the time she was one til about five. We were both able to conclude before we began. That these seizures more than likely occurred because her soul identities natural oscillation. Far exceeded her brains ability to physically transduce those stellar wavelengths into electro-chemical signaling.

We began the procedure as per usual. By isolating the heart space and using it as a sensitivity gauge. The sensitivity check came back positive. Manifesting in a jolt like stimuli coming from both of the shoulders. I then isolated the dendrites, axons and myelinated sheaths. Further increasing their electromagnetic sensitivity. Yielding in far more accurate bio feed back.

Once this increase in electromagnetic sensitivity was observed. We then were able to isolate core disruptive programming, collapse and reformat them with neutralizing wave lengths. As well as upgrading organs related to detoxification. Following all this I was brought back to the brain. The damage that was done from those years of grand mal seizures. To me was simply undeniable and a necessary focus. So we continued this process of systemically isolating most of the sub structures in the brain. Responsible for the transferring of electrical information.

Further exploration led to identifying a mis communication occurring from the thalamus. And how the endocrine system was receiving messages from the central nervous system. Showing the amount of damage that occurs electromagnetically in the brain from seizures.

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Cataract Surgery And Optic Nerve Interference

Had a returning family patient stroll through the office. Who had previously suffered from chronic headaches, acute renal failure, high blood pressure, lupus and was exposed to radiation during operation Iraqi freedom on five different tours. She’s gone from doctor to doctor with them unable to identify anything wrong. Meanwhile I’ve been able identify core electrochemical interferences in the brain, get them off steroids that were suppressing the immune system. As well as improve their circulation to normal levels and eliminate tension headaches.

The tension headaches were at one point the primary complaint. We were able to identify that they had come from a cataract surgery they had received less than a year ago. Due to stress, poor sleep patterns, steroids, antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs suppressing the immune system. There was a deaccelerated healing process. That caused scar tissue to develop around the eyes and create muscular displacement. This displacement made primary tension patterns in the neck, back and sides of the head.

However, today the primary complaint was a cloudy sensation emanating from the back of the brain and dizzy spells. I found it most interesting to note that the occipital lobe which is located in the lower back of the brain. Is directly related to our vision. So, we began by isolating the cerebrum and upgrading the axons, dendrites, and myelinated sheaths. In order to increase the efficiency of the brains primary pathways that receive and transmit electrical impulses. Following that we isolated the cerebellum which began to induce the first real observable involuntary stimuli in the head. We then isolated the occipital lobe, which created mild stimuli occurring also in the head region only. Manifesting as subtle shifts or nods back and forth(film attached below). Then we moved on to the brain stem particularly the cerebellum and upgraded the atp in the glial cells. She exhibited the same base stimuli of the head shaking back and forth with slight variances in intensity. Compared to when we were working only in the occipital. This stimuli showed me that substructures of the brainstem were being over worked. 

I then started to take a closer look at the cranial nerves. Upon isolating the optic nerve their head abruptly twitched to the right in an rough manner. Which was a far different stimuli then any we had received during this procedure. This led me to identify that there was an electrical interference from the occipital lobe to the optic nerve and how it’s inefficiently transducing different wavelengths of light. 

This electrical interference was caused by the severing of nerves and blood vessels responsible for this process of light transduction. From a cataract surgery almost a year ago. Once again giving her answers and alleviating her discomfort doctors were simply unable to.

The Importance Of Grounding

Many things can be said about the importance of grounding. However, i just wish to cover a few poorly understood aspects of groundation during bio-frequency infusions.

One is that it is the feet not the root chakra that is the most efficient when it comes to grounding a patient. This process of groundation usually also anchors higher frequencies that remain stuck outside and around the head. Generally solving alot of issues in the over thinking department. If a patient is not grounded then it is very unlikely to receive any accurate biofeedback. As for most individuals in generally requires one to be in a beta or theta brain wave state.

Another thing grounding can do is similar to circuiting the entire body. Which is that it will show you where the primary tension patterns and disruptive programming is being stored. Manifesting as 1 of the 6 levels of energetic accretion. This happens in a more natural way for the energetic system. Which is usually more beneficial to the client because their bodies intelligence far exceeds our limited rational consciousness.

Grounding is quite literally one of the most important processes of energetic facilitation. If one is not relaxed then they inhibit their own natural accelerated healing response. And in most continue to excite their imbalanced fight or flight response. Keeping them in a state where the natural healing process is literally suppressed. Due to the body thinking it is constantly in danger. We almost have to teach others to remember how to genuinely relax.

So, if theres one thing you can do it is to get a patient to relax. If you can do this then you have succeeded.

In the attached film we are using an auric combing technique to ground. As were performing this technique it shows energetic blockages being released in the arms as well as the legs. This shows one a good connection, two their system is electrically excitable and that a solid grounding has been established via the involuntary stimuli coming from the feet.

Grounding via Auric Combing

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Electromagnetic Conductivity Upgrade On child

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Had a returning patient bring her son by for increasing his electromagnetic conductivity.

I feel its important to mention the pre session preparation done from the parent side. His mother went above and beyond from taking him to the pool to burn off excess energy, lavender massages, a reflexology session, clearing the rooms of the house both energetically and physically, to even directly assisting during the procedure.

So, we began the procedure as per session in the heart. Simultaneously as we began propagating biowaves in the heart space. These waves met the criteria as an energetic level accretion three. Manifesting as a fidgeting like response by the receiver. To the untrained eye it would appear as if the patient was just consciously moving. However to the skilled observer it appears to be subtle frequency being transduced through his physical body. This type of stimuli occurred because the patient was still very aware in the alpha brain wave state. After identifying this inability to sit still was energy moving through the body and not conscious movements. We moved to isolate the root, sacral and solar plexus chakra. We isolated these centers as they are the most physical centers. And we wanted to make sure this child was grounded before we proceeded any further.

Once getting to a point of stillness the stimuli he was exhibiting changed to an energetic level accretion of three and a half. Manifesting as twitching like stimuli traveling through the extremities. Shortly after observing this shift in brain wave function from alpha to beta/theta. I began to intuit a fear surrounding love based program. I then targeted the heart space and when i did he simultaneously turned around onto his stomach. Showing a bit of resistance to confronting this disruptive thought pattern. Upon flipping over i had a perfect view of his nadial complex. The nadial complex is an electromagnetic transducive piece of anatomy in between the shoulder blades. As we began to guide this subtle frequency through the nadial complex to the central nervous system. His code was cracked bringing him to an energetic level of accretion 5.

Correcting the energetic transduction sequence connection between the nadial complex and central nervous system manifested as the induction of neurogenic tremoring, or full body spasms. These tremors release deep tension patterns and emotions stored within the body. Improving circulation and increasing the efficiency of the bodies regulatory functions. By this point his mother who has undergone several ascension based procedures began directly assisting in the process. Placing her hands over areas I was working with simultaneously with no verbal communication between her and I.

It is important to note that we did not experience any level 5 stimuli until his nadial complex was reconnected to his central nervous system. This reconnective process allowed us to observe the collapsation and transmutation of disruptive water molecules. Into higher oscillating crystalline patterns. As well as further identify core disruptive programming in the root chakra, release tension in the abdominal muscles and coccyx region, upgrade ions responsible for electrical excitability and much more.

Reaching an energetic accretion level five. showing that the molecular, atomic and sub atomic level that a harmonic form of organization has occurred. Allowing the natural process of accelerated healing to be induced and sustained.  Further increasing ones cellular communication providing platform for perfect health. Therefore achieving a much deeper sense of connectivity and electromagnetic conductivity.

Documented Procedure Film

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Crystalline Organization and The Induction Of Accelerated Healing

Began working with a patient as per procedure we isolated the heart and began to propagate waves in the body. Within two minutes the criteria was met for an energetic level of accretion of about two and half. This level of accretion manifested as an involuntary stimuli at the legs as well as the left hand in an abrupt twitching like manner.

After the initial evaluation the stimuli began to wane off. The decrease in involuntary stimulation led me to start working with one of primary complaints, which was a disturbance in the throat chakra. When we isolated that vortex and began to propagate bio waves coded to transmute disharmonic oscillations. His head shook hard to one side showing me that a dramatic shift in his electromagnetic field had occurred. This dramatic shift created an observable base stimuli or consistent involuntary response that would occur in the leg. Primarily manifesting in the right one. Increasing his energetic level of accretion to a three.

We then performed another series of electromagnetic conductive anatomy upgrades. When I isolated the brainstem his head shook side to side and in an accelerated manner a wave like stimuli could be observed consistently traveling on the outside of both of his legs out the feet. Bringing the energetic level of accretion to a five. The brainstem proved to be the underlying piece of anatomy that cracked his code, or gave us more access to their disruptive wavelengths in the body by upgrading the individuals electromagnetic conductivity.

Once the new level of connectivity was achieved we were able to have the body reveal more disruptive wavelengths and identify core disruptive fear based emotions. They were stored primarily in the root chakra, shoulders, hips, psoas, right-side masculine energy, solar plexus chakra, throat chakra and central nervous system.

I was then pulled to isolate the bodies molecular matrix and began recoding the dishamonic water molecules. Particularly the water in the brain. I visualized beautiful harmonic crystalline patterns taking form. Simultaneously this visualization was met with an increase in the involuntary base stimuli. Showing that more organized forms of communication were occurring on a molecular level further inducing the natural process of accelerated healing.

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